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The 9 (SAS)sy Networking Tips You Need to Know

It’s a small world after all.

Be respectful to everyone in the workplace, and every new connection you meet. The

Twin Cities is a “small world” and the chance of you running into old co-workers and

connections is very high.

Slide into their DMs.

Send follow up emails ALWAYS. This can make your face stand out among others, and

blaze a trail to many more connections. It can also be a matter of getting the position or not.

It’s not creeping, it’s research.

Creep on their profiles (without liking anything) to prepare questions, find common

interests, and mutual connections. These can serve as great conversation topics, and

your audience will be impressed with the time you clearly took to prepare for their


Accommodate like it’s a date.

If they offer to meet, accommodate to their schedule. They are taking the time and

money out of their workday to be meeting with you. Come prepared! Have a list of

topics you want to go over so the conversation isn’t just casual babbling.

Sit down. Be humble.

Don’t use this meeting time to flex on your own connections. Use the time to learn more

about the industry, career moves and job listings that you may be interested in, and that

person’s job. People love to talk about their own accomplishments and will give you

amazing advice about their journey. Let them do the talking.

Fly solo.

Approaching a connection with a group of friends is not what you want to do. No one

will be impressed if you look like a groupie. If you want to be taken seriously, work up

the guts to approach someone by yourself. It may seem intimidating but the more you

do it the easier it will become.

Dress to impress.

Dress the part. Remember, it always looks better to be overdressed than underdressed.

If your attending SAS, and you’re uncertain what to wear, try layers. Survey the scene

when you get there, and then you can shed a few if you need to (e.g. blazers, cardigans,

jackets, etc.)

Ditch the pitch.

People can tell when you are genuinely interested in a position, and when they’re just a

check box at the job fair. Elevator pitches can be effective but be cautious that it doesn’t

sound too robotic. Especially today, employers and connections are looking for genuine

people who could add something unique and different to their workplace. Show them

that that’s YOU.

One is silver & the other is gold.

Make new connections but keep the old… Seriously. You never know how an old

connection could help you succeed in the future. For example, an old connection could

accept a new position at your dream company and help you out down the road. Send

“hope all is well” emails, take the time to catch up, and nurture the relationship.


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